Tenerife Dive Sites with Seascuba

Seascuba have some of the best dive sites in Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Our sites are well know to many of the diving companies in Tenerife, but we also have a few of our own, which we keep very secret, we can show you some amazing locations. This comes with experience and a constant search for new and amazing underwater worlds by our diving team. Below are a selection of dive sites in Tenerife we have available, but feel free to call us and discuss exactly what you would really like to expereince when diving in tenerife.

Echo Bay Dive Site Tenerife

  •  This is a very easy and relaxing dive in Los Gigantes, we can drop anchor in 3 meters and the maximum depth is about 12 metres. This is one of the sites we visit  for discover scuba diving in Tenerife, check out dives and training. Located under the cliffs of Los Gigantes the site has several small plateaus where marine life is in abundance.

Barranco Seco Dive Site Tenerife

  • We can split this Tenerife dive into deep or shallow depending on the level of qualification, this is one of our favourite dive sites in Los Gigantes, We can get a maximum depth of 34m for the more experienced diver, or we can keep it around 18m for open water divers. This is a good afternoon dive when most of the marine life come here to feed, we are usually visited by sting rays which are very used to divers and will come up close looking for food, some of them have a 2m wing span (Our gentle giants).

Atlantis Dive Site in Tenerife

  • Located just outside the Marina of Los Gigantes, here we can drop anchor on a plateau and down to the maximum depth of 26 meters. Some of the rock formations are very much like the basalt rock of giant causeway in Northern Ireland which is quite unique for a volcanic island like Tenerife.

Palm Mar Dive Site in Tenerife

  • Again located near the port of las Galletas this is a very good deep dive down to the entrance of the cave at 30 metres (Cave penetration not recommended).   Here is where Jacques Cousteau did a lot of research and a statue of a dolphin has been laid in memory.  Among the marine life here there are some of the biggest Moray Eels to be found on the island.

Yellow Mountian Dive Site in Tenerife

  • Located near Silencia/Las galletas, lovely pinacles, with a beautiful diveable chimney.  Depth upto 20m.

Tabiba Wreck Dive Site in Tenerife

  • Tabaiba wreck is a great easy access, great for wreck speciality. This ship is sank in 2006 and maximum depth 30m. A good first time wreck dive in Tenerife.

Turtle Dive

  •  An incredible dive site for the beginner through to the most experienced.  Marine life is in abundance with the added bonus of the amazing turtles.

El Puertito

  • This Dive Site´s main attraction is the Turtles but also has an abundance of marine life and rock formations. The Dive begins with an easy entry from shore, with the maximum depth approximately 15m. Ideal for Discover Scuba Divers/Try Divers and also those experienced divers looking for turtle encounters. You have the chance of fantastic photographic shots. Suitable for All levels of Divers.


  • This dive site has multiple dive routes. The dive starts in approximately  6m and the maximum depth can reach 30m dependant on level and route taken. There are many spectacular arches and shallow blowholes to explore. Not only does the dive offer impressive rock formations there an abundance of aquatic species to include Angel Sharks, Breams, Trumpet Fish, Atlantic Damsels, Blue Fin Damsels, Cuttle Fish and Octopus. Suitable for All level of Qualified Divers. This dive is perfect for training purposes and deep dives.