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Not the autumn blues...

Winter in Europe, but summer  in Tenerife .Here in Tenerife the sun is still shining and it doesn´t look like it is going to cool down anytime soon. That’s good for us guys at Riaansscuba as this weather usually means the sea is nice, calm and full of good visibility. 

However saying this, the beginning of the week started off slightly murky with big swells and extreme rough conditions. After two days normal service had resumed and the sea became calm, flat and clear; perfect conditions. This allows all of our dives sites to become accessible once again. 

Considering this is the lull before the storm period; October tends to be a quieter month. These past few weeks have been filled with lots of different, fun and exciting dives. Ranging from qualified divers wanting that little bit deeper. To discover try divers going just a few metres to meet our friendly turtles, who have made a home here in the shores of Tenerife.


The turtle dive site is one of our most popular, with the turtles literally seen seconds into the dive. This is a great one for our try divers as it is a nice easy entry/exit and the turtles and coral reefs are only a few metres below. Many people have booked this dive alone due to the turtles in the recent weeks, discovering after that there is so much more to see also to see.


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